Why Is The Wrap Dress The Summer Piece?


The wrap dress is the sunniest piece of our wardrobe. A real must-have for fine weather, this dress enhances curves and stands out as an essential fashion item. Focus on the dress that we will see everywhere this summer.


You couldn’t have missed it. With the arrival of good weather, the wrap dress is everywhere.

A favorite piece of fashion influencers, the wrap dress adapts to all body types and can be worn for all occasions.

It is the piece to adopt at the office but also to slip into your suitcase to go on vacation. It doesn’t matter if you go to town, to the beach or the mountains, the wrap dress is essential for summer!

Why Do We Fall For The Wrap Dress?

Because it conveys a light spirit, which reminds us of the holidays. We put it on a swimsuit on the way back from the beach and we put it out in the evening with heels. A masterpiece that sublimates the summer wardrobe.

The designer Diane von Furstenberg is at the origin of this fashion nugget. It’s objective: to liberate women and offer them the right to dress as they wish.

A true symbol of emancipation, the wrap dress has been revisited endlessly by the greatest designers and has kept its status as a timeless piece.

Whether you adopt a neo-bourgeois, casual, retro, or chic look, the wrap dress (or wrap-around) fits.

In addition to being right in the vintage trend of the moment, the wrap dress sublimates our silhouette: slightly low-cut, it highlights the chest and marks the size well. It can be worn long as well as short and even cut midday.

With ruffles, silk, cotton, plain or patterned, black or colored, the wrap dress knows how to reinvent itself, for our greatest happiness! Once adopted, you will no longer want to leave it.

How To Wear The Wrap Dress?

It all depends on the style you want to adopt. To inject a dose of sportswear into your wrap dress, opt for a pair of trendy sneakers and a bum bag.

On the contrary, with a pair of wedge espadrilles and a wicker basket, you play the card of glamour and Dolce Vita. In the evening, wear it with a pair of heeled sandals and a glitter clutch.

If you choose it dark, dare the stylish accessories in pop colors. A small silk scarf, a cuff bracelet, or even a bandana, small pieces play a big role in enhancing your trendy dress!

You can also choose a dress printed with polka dots, checks, gingham, stripes, flowers, etc.

Where To Find A Trendy Wrap Dress?

Of course, in the Diane Von Furstenberg collections. But the wrap dress never ceased to inspire other creators: at From Future, Balzac Paris, Ganni, Rouje, or even Sézane you will find models all more beautiful than the others.

Do not panic for small budgets or those who do not want to leave an arm in it, Monki, Oysho, C&A or even H&M also have their version of the wrap dress … at low prices!

So, Ready To Fill Your Wardrobe With Wrap Dresses?

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