30+ Best Simple Blouse Designs for Women That Must Try


When it comes to the blouses of sarees or lehengas, simplicity may be extremely elegant. A decent blouse is simple for a saree or lehenga to look its best on you, but if you do not want to go for complex blouse patterns, you may always go for basic ones that look beautiful and distinctive.


So, if you want to be simply fashionable, here is a selection of basic blouse designs that may help you seem more dazzling without adding an overdone aspect. Look at the most popular back neck blouse designs.

Beautiful Zari Work With Black Net Blouse

Zari is one of the best for designing. If you have fair color combination, then you can try black blouse with zari combination. The designing and stylish zari work makes your blouse just astonishing. It will be best if you wear with sarees. Based on sari, you can choose any other color as per your requirement. There are different types of zari designing blouse available in the market and you can choose anyone as per your need. For a simple saree, you can wear a minimum zari work.


Stunning Net Blouse With Tie Backs

If you are looking for the net blouse with latest style, then choose this type of blouses. This kind of blouse is perfect with the saree. You can make deep back neck with net in hands. Choose any color as per your requirement. If you search net, you will get several websites who offer this type of blouses. You can choose any blouse as per your requirement. You can use thread for tie up to make the blouse attractive.


Attractive Royal Blue Blouses With Net Sleeves

If you are looking for net blouse, then you can choose the latest net blouse collections. You can get neck and sleeve neck blouses. There are some colors which are very popular for this type of blouses like royal blue. You can wear this royal blur net sleeve blouse with off-white combine sarees. You can wear silk saree with this net blouse. You can wear plain net blouse or zari work blouse.


Stylish Kalamkari Shirt Blouse

When in doubt, kick it out with this smart and elegant Kalamkari Shirt Blouse design to pair it elegantly with a juxtaposed khadi or cotton laden saree. This workwear must-have will up your style a few notches as you toss your hair into a low back bun and adorn with fancy carnations in case heading for wedding or lavish party. The stylish and smart blouse will look priceless as you wear those specs and channel the desi diva in you.


Classy Indie White Kalamkari Blouse

Embrace the traditional Indian touch with this graceful and subtle hued Indie White Kalamkari blouse to look your ever-best. Drape an unequivocal saree with cotton or silky saree to put on that desi swag on. Let the tousled waves down and play it dramatic with kohl rimmed eyes and electric lips to paint the town gorgeous.


Gorgeous Cream And Gold Luxe Boat Neck Blouse

Be the party popper and breathe life to the soiree with this gorgeous and graceful cream and gold luxe boat neck blouse as you pair this scintillating piece with statement and lust-worthy saree. Drape the eclectic six yards and let the envious eyes spin when you step down the aisle in this power-packed look. Don’t forget to put on that ceramic gold plated jewelry and put your hair in a neat bun.


Elegant Simple Maroon Nautical Stripes Blouse

Steal the limelight in this simplicity laden suave maroon nautical stripes blouse design which can be easily paired with a contrasting colored saree. Amp up your wardrobe and up your ante as you play grotesque in this traditional rooted saree which will take you back to the royal ancestral lands. This handloom cotton blouse will not only exude traditional indie vibes but also be the kitschy conversation-starter.


Smart Basic Black Dazzling Sequined Blouse

This celeb-inspired Basic Black Sequinned Dazzling blouse is a wardrobe must-have for every fashionable and voguish woman out there. Play your melodious tracks of the yesteryears and channel the glorious mess that you’re at the forthcoming wedding saga season. Also, you can pair it with the benarsi or tussar silk saree. Be the talk of the town in this flamboyant ensemble.


Trendy Black Ikat Printed Blouse

Play it subtle and soft with brimming elegance and charm as you drape a simple cotton saree with this gorgeous Black Ikat Printed Blouse to lift your style quotient. Also, you can add an edge and play it fun and flirty when paired with maxi skirt or dhoti pants and layer with bohemian silver jewelry to get the gypsy look effortlessly. Turn heads as you strut in the experimental and ecstatic look.


Modern Blue And White Blouse

Get your saree game glamorous with this subtle and simple blue and white nautical stripe laden blouse which will exude contemporary and unconventional vibes instantly. Let the eyes be on you as you dress down impeccably with a beautiful light chiffon floral printed saree and spell a cast on them with the flannel sleeves to up your fashion game.


Advance Yellow Shirt High Collar Flannel Sleeve Blouse

Carry your pocket full of sunshine as you don this mellow in yellow shirt high collar blouse with a gorgeous noir ikat printed saree or choose a contrasting colored saree to unfold the magic within. The trendy flannel sleeves will instantly bring you to the limelight, so love the showstopper look and play fun and flirty with the flannels.


Chic Designer Ruffled Simple Blouse

Kangana looks every bit spectacular with a hint of rose tinted blush in this exotic designer saree. The simple yet statement designer ruffled blouse can be paired with a plethora of sarees and you can lift your look with a light makeup and open hair to instantly ooze that oomph!


Fashionable Cotton Handloom Red Blouse

This gorgeous cotton handloom red blouse is all what you need to update your wardrobe and give a spin to your everyday mundane look. Break the monotony with this trendy designer red nautical stripe laden blouse with a V-cut and be the life of the party. Get your fashion game on as you pair this statement drool-worthy blouse with a subtle understated cotton or linen saree.


Lovely Long Sleeve Air Hostess Blouse With Back Buttons

This simple blouse design can look more elegant on anyone. You can opt for this blouse design even for your regular wears or office wears. The blouse has long sleeves and air hostess neck. The line of cotton beads at the back covering the back clasps adds a real beauty to this design.


Charming Choli Cut Short Sleeve Blouse

This beautiful choli cut blouse can add glamour to your look. This design might not be suitable for an office wear, but it can go well even in day time parties. What makes this design unique is its simplicity. The choli type knot in the middle of the blouse makes it most attractive.


Alluring Silk Blouse With Slim Shoulder Strap And Neckline Design

The latest back neck blouse designs with sleeveless. The thin shoulder straps of this design make it look unique. The design is very simple and yet it can look more beautiful when paired with the right saree or lehenga. Zari work at the broad neckline covering the shoulder straps and at the lower end of the blouse gives it the most unique look. The clasps are present at the back.


Fascinating Sleeveless Back Opens Solid Laced Blouse

This simple and stylish blouse design can go nicely with skirts, lehengas and also with sarees. The uniqueness of this design is in the back cut of the blouse. The two sides of the blouse rest on the shoulders and continue till the upper waist. It is the loosely placed laces that join the two halves at the two ends. Keep in mind that this design will look best if the blouse is not very tightly fit. Try this trendy back neck blouse design for saree.


Exciting Sleeveless Blouse Design With Mid-Opening

The mid-opened blouse designs have gained high popularity this year, particularly because of their simplicity and the oomph they add to the overall appearance of any lady. This design comes with two back clasps that join the two sides at the top and at the end. It is a sleeveless design and the front part can enjoy a small mid slit.


Elegant Full Sleeve Blouse Designs – Net-Brocade

This beautiful blouse has a simple design, but can look more gorgeous, depending on the color of the material you pick. The body of the blouse is made of brocade material and the neck enjoys a deep cut. The stylish full sleeve blouse designs made of net material are the primary attraction of this design. The netted sleeves are stitched to add pleats on the hands. The blouse has back clasps. You can choose this trendy back neck blouse design for a classic look.


Amazing Short Sleeve Golden Net-Brocade Blouse Design

This blouse has short sleeves, but not too short and the neck is well-covering till the collar bones. The upper part of the blouse and the sleeves has a transparent look and the clasps are present at the back. Pair up this beautiful and simple blouse with any saree or lehenga and you can become the center of all the attention.


Awesome High Neck Blouse With Laces And Long Back Slit

This beautiful blouse design can look extremely simple yet stylish. Pair it up with anything and you are ready go. The blouse has long sleeves, a round covering the neck. Here the laces at the back have been used as the primary fastener for the blouse. The long mid slit gives it the most stylish look. A front slit can look good with this design. Threading latest back neck blouse designs to add a unique look.


Wonderful Golden And Yellow Patterned Blouse

This blouse has been made to look beautiful by proper application of the patterns at the back. It is a simple design and can be used even for regular wear. The sleeves are short and complete the look with that matching golden border. If you want to go even simpler you can also discard the lace fastener at the back of the design. This blouse has front clasps.


Excellent Coat Pattern Blouse Design With Short Sleeves

This coat patterned blouse can give a simple and sophisticated look when paired with the right saree. The golden zari work bordering all the ends of the blouse gives it a pronounced look. You might or might not use the Sari work on the sleeves, but do not miss to use the zari on all the borders. This design has hidden front clasps and laced fastener at the back.


Superb Black Colored Stylish Full Sleeve Blouse Designs

Look beautiful and stylish in this full sleeve black blouse. The choli patterned base in black making the lower part of the blouse, along with the netted upper part makes this blouse look really fascinating. The sleeves are of fine net and it sitting nicely on the skin, with minimum in-between gatherings. This blouse has front clasps. Stylish full sleeve blouse designs in black color best suits with this yellow and black lines synthetic saree.


Great Check Blouse Design

This check blouse design is simple and can look absolutely pretty on you. It has an air hostess neck with front clasps. The sleeves are short and have puffy gatherings on the shoulder, giving it a unique look. This puff blouse can be paired with any saree to get the best look. You can even opt for this design for regular use.


Trendy Choli Cut Blouse With Netted Back

This stylish blouse has short frilly sleeves and a choli cut design which makes it look more attractive. The black net that covers the back has thread gaps more than the normal net materials used in the blouses. The blouse has a short round neck. The choli knot at the back completes the look.


Chic High Collar Brocade-Net Blouse

This beautiful and simple blouse design comes with a solid collar with a front slit. The upper front part of the blouse is made from beige colored net whereas the lower part is made of solid brocade material. This blouse is sleeveless and there is a thin zari border at the shoulder ends of the sleeves. This blouse has front clasps in the solid brocade region.


Elegant Slim Shoulder Strap Blouse In Brocade And Silk

This beautiful blouse has a slim shoulder strap made of brocade material which continues to make a thick border for the whole blouse design. The middle part of the blouse is of silk material. The neck is wide and deep and the thick brocade border near the waist region gives an appearance similar to a waist band. Pair this blouse with a saree or lehenga to look your best.


Beautiful Printed Long Sleeve Blouse With Short Back Slit

Enjoy going retro with this printed long sleeve blouse design. This design has an air hostess neck, which looks unique with the long sleeves of the blouse. There is a short slit at the back, which looks ideal with the colorful printed pattern. Try out this blouse design with any saree to look your best.


Dual Colored Blouse With Thorough Lace Fastening

This beautiful dual colored blouse has black colored solid lower part which is coupled with an orange and transparent upper body with small bid works. The beauty of this blouse design lies in its lace fastening at the back, which covers the whole length of the back. Pair this simple and stylish blouse design with any stylish saree of your choice.


Fabulous Solid Blouse With Full Sleeve And High Neck

This is a very elegant design that can be a perfect wear for any type of occasion. You can even opt for this design for the office wear blouses to get that formal and beautiful look. However, this design might not be very suitable for ladies with more body weight. The blouse is made from self- designed material; it has a high neck and long sleeves. The clasps are present at the back. Choose this best trendy back neck blouse design.


Incredible Round Neck Sleeveless Blouse

Redefine elegance with this beautiful round neck blouse that comes with lace fastening and single clasp at the back. The blouse has a covering neckline which is bordered by a sparkling lace of lighter shade and the same follows the edges of the back cutting of the blouse, giving it a unique look.