20 Stylish Long Skirt for Women That Will You Admiring Glances


The long skirt is the new essential fashion piece. If you are not yet convinced by the trend, we take the bet that after leafing through this slide, your opinion will have changed. Because to tell the truth, the trendy long skirt, you just have to know how to wear it to adopt it.


The long skirt is back on the fashion scene this season. We find it in its bohemian version, with frills, frills, floral patterns, and flowing materials. A nice program that we hasten to follow for highly desirable (and comfortable) looks.

How to Choose a Long Skirt?

Like almost all the fashion pieces of your wardrobe, the long skirt has paid the price for time passing and, with it, fashion trends that keep changing. Result? There are many models. And you’re a little lost. Which is normal?

First, to be good in your body and in your clothes, you must choose a skirt according to its morphology and comfort. Do you prefer to mold yourself in a long straight skirt or lose yourself in a long XXL version skirt? Which model highlights you? And above all, what are you looking for? This is one of the first questions to ask.


Then make way for the length. Those who can walk with heels can opt for long skirts with maxi lengths. Those who want to hide their calves without getting their feet in the veils of the “pareo” will go on an ankle-length. And others who dream of originality will test the hybrid length of the midi skirt, the little cousin of the long skirt and the short skirt.

Wearing The Long Skirt Means Finding Your Style

The long skirt fits. It’s a mini donation. It is enough to make the right associations and to choose the model well to wear it without fashion faux pas.

Long slit skirt or long pleated skirt, two models for two styles. It is up to you to make your choice to adopt a new piece in your batch of dressing essentials.


If you want to twist the romantic spirit of the long skirt, just wear it with a maxi sweater and a pair of military boots. For a chic style, choose a long lace skirt combined with a pretty pair of comfortable pumps. And then, more classic but very effective, the white t-shirt will always do the trick with a long skirt.

Where to buy a long skirt?

Now that you have the advice to wear a long skirt without fear, you need the good shopping addresses to find the model.

Note that in recent seasons, the long skirt has become a must. Suddenly, we find it really easy and from every angle. Zara, Asos, mango, h&m or c&a, you find cheap long skirts in many shops.

We also love the bohemian models offered by & other stories, s├ęzane or rouje. All raised floral patterns, polka dots, or stripes to be sure to highlight her long skirt.

And don’t forget to take a look at good addresses of thrift stores. It is possible that you will come across the rare pearl inspired by the sixties.

Places to practice drawing the most beautiful looks of a fashionista with long skirts portfolio, long flared skirts, long skirts high waist … What a program!

1. Wear The Long White Skirtwear-the-long-white-skirt2. Wear The Long Skirt With A Blazerwear-the-long-skirt-with-a-blouse3. Wear The Long Skirt With Bootswear-the-long-skirt-with-boots4. Wear The Long Leather Skirtwear-the-long-leather-skirt5. Wear The Long Black Skirtwear-the-long-black-skirt6. Wear The Long Belted Skirtwear-the-long-belted-skirt7. Wear The Long Skirt With A Blousewear-the-long-skirt-with-a-blouse8. Wear The Long Leopard Print Skirtwear-the-long-leopard-print-skirt9. Wear The Long Skirt With Pumpswear-the-long-skirt-with-pumps10. Wear The Long Slit Skirtwear-the-long-slit-skirt11. Wear The Long Color Block Skirtwear-the-long-color-block-skirt12. Wear The Long Tulle Skirtwear-the-long-tulle-skirt13. Wear The Long Satin Skirtwear-the-long-satin-skirt14. Wear The Long Printed Skirtwear-the-long-printed-skirt-stlyle15. Wear The Long Evening Skirtwear-the-long-evening-skirt16. Wear The Long Striped Skirtwear-the-long-striped-skirt17. Wear The Long Flowing Skirtwear-the-long-flowing-skirt18. Wear The Long Pleated Skirtwear-the-long-pleated-skirt19. Wear The Long Floral Skirtwear-the-long-floral-skirt20. Wear The Long Printed Skirtwear-the-long-printed-skirt