10 Indian Hairstyles for Medium Hair Girls That’s Look Stylish


You can look beautiful and stylish traditional Indian hairstyles for medium hair girls step by step for beginner with the help of below video. Your hair-do performs an essential part in your whole look. Many women think about their hair being a best friend. However not perfect hair can change your very best days into the most awful distressing dreams. Beautifully completed hair can raise your look.

Long length hair could be quit open or tied as a long ponytail, however medium length hair, the two choices aren’t attainable as people will see your hair size short.


However medium length hair is extremely flexible as you can look at out many perfect and awesome hairstyles with your medium length hair. It is not often feasible to examine parlour get a beautifully completed hairstyle for a lot of function, date or family performance.

Here are 10 fantastic DIY Indian hairstyles for medium length hair that you must try.

Side Braids Black Hairstyles:

Messy side braids are usually among the simplest hairstyles for medium length hair. They will not just cause you to appear smooth and intense and also add a care free appearance.

Attempt to maintain the upper hair messy after which part your lower hair sideways in to 3 sections, creating a loose braid. Tightly safe the braid having a rubber band in order that it remains complete.

Knotty Ponytails Hairstyles for Medium Hair:

Knotty ponytails are extremely stylish and are presently in fashion. You must take your entire bottom part hair and in accordance to length of the hair perform 2 or 3 tight braids.

Ensure the braids begin from your one side as well as end on the neck of the some other part of the head. You may tie the pony having a pin or rubber band and also leave other hair in a side ponytail fashion.

Stylish Wavy Curls Hairstyles for Medium Hair:

Wavy hairs have been area of the old style era and have just lately had a return in the fashion styles. Wavy hairstyle is better for medium length hair because the short length of the hair can make the curls keep longer.

You will have first brush your hair effectively and part the hair into 3 to 4 parts with hairclips. After that have a straightener or when you have an iron curler, and begin styling the divided strands of hair around the iron pin of the curler or straightener.

Do the procedure correspondingly on every parted strand, until you get ideal wavy curls. Quit the process whenever your hair will become wavy. Then spray your hair which includes hairspray to ensure that, the actual waves and curls stay for some time.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles:

Usually braiding your hair in diverse types isn’t feasible for those who have medium length hair. However dutch braid arrives which fantasy because kind of style could be quickly done in medium length hair, creating your hair appearance definitely gorgeous.

You must start the particular braid through the top part of your hair. Very first individual the hair in three parts and then make a normal braid inside left, center and also right design.

Contain your full hair, such as the reason for the hair in the braids. Should you have any kind of strand of hair that is not fitted within the braid, simply make use of a clip to maintain the hair complete.

Headband braid Style:

Headband braid hairstyle describes beauty and is completed with any costume and for any kind of function. Make hair from the middle and individual it into two components.

You can begin from the remaining or even right side, have a thick couple of hair and begin braiding this within the regular manner as well as secure this topping the head having a pin.

Perform the just like the opposing side of hair. Make certain the two braids fulfill towards the top of the head. You are able to tie the rest of your hair into a bun or ponytail.

Half Down and Half Up Curls Hairstyles for Medium Hair:

This hairstyle can provide you with that smooth retro appear and is an ideal style to perform, if you are wearing conventional attires for example lehenga, saree or even salwar kameez. Curls help to make the hair appear bouncy and silky.

Initial have a curling iron and begin curling each and every strand of hair through the top of your head. Repeat the procedure till your hair looks very wavy.

After that have half of the hair as well as pin it within the crown portion as well as make other lower half of hair and pin it in the neck portion to really make it resemble a ponytail.

New Style Crown Braid:

Crown braids behave like a floral band relaxing in the middle part of your head. Right after performing a crown braid, it is simple to leave your hair free.

Separate your hair through the middle, get one a thick strand through the suitable side and prepare a thicker braid. Perform the identical using the side. Get both braids driving the head as well as pin the braids within a criss-cross way.

Half Bun Style:

The half bun style is really a brand new design in the fashion industry. You need to do side separating of hair, then make total bunch of hair through the crown and create a big bun. Safe the bun having a rubber band after which leave all of those other hair in a straight and free way.

Simple Side Ponytail

This style appears best along with straight hair or slightly wavy hair as well as complements each and every attire. Have a brush, possess a side hair separating and type a ponytail just over your neck. Firmly safe the ponytail along with pins after which leave hair to fall on the shoulders.

Hair Puff Style

Hair puff style is definitely an immediate way to all hair difficulties. You could make them of hair through the tip of the head and develop a high or small puff after which safe the puff having a hair pin. Then you can certainly let your hair free or in a ponytail.

All of the above hairstyles are extremely simple that you can do it your self at your home having an extra work. Let us know for those who have every other easy hairstyle that needs to be provided on the list!