20 Best Indian Bridal Hairstyles 2024 with Videos


When you are turning the pages of fashion magazines or scrounging the internet for the perfect Indian Bridal hairstyle videos to assist you in terms of the special day, whether contemporary or conventional or perhaps a mixture of each world… you might have arrived at the best place!

In this post, we will check out different hairstyle videos that handle the different Indian bridal hairstyles perfect for short hair, moderate length, and long hair. These types of hairstyles – as well as each related hairstyle video – will be a fantastic suit for every wedding clothing, whether it is a lehenga, Anarkali, lehenga-saree, or a designer bridal saree.


Obviously, every hairstyle includes a step-by-step video tutorial to consider you with the hairstyle procedure. We have included important FAQ queries relevant to the bridal hairstyles at the end of the content (don’t miss to examine these).

So whether or not you’re searching for an Indian hairstyle’s side curly down, pulled-back curls, or even a fringe ponytail, or perhaps a wavy-edged pony, below will assist you in sorting yourself away! Note: You can save this site when you make a decision; do come again later on.

Latest Styles of Bun or Juda Indian Bridal Hairstyles Video

The bun hairstyle, recognized in Hindi as the ‘juda,’ is an extremely well-known Indian bridal hairstyle. With a variety of fascinating fashionable hairstyle choices inside the ‘bun’ hairstyle, it is far from amazing. This hairstyle is an excellent option for one of the brides. It’s additionally a favored choice for the brides who are either taking a look at sporting an extremely conventional look for their wedding or even who would like to provide a taller look. With the perfect gadgets, be it a maang tikka or flowers such as rose or jasmine, the appearance can additionally be personalized.

1. Perfect Indian Bridal Hairstyles For Short Hair

Have you got short hair? For those who have short hair, then you are judgment out the Juda or a bun search for your wedding – convinced that a fresh long hairstyle. However, you should never. The video above displays how an extremely stylish 60’s influenced hairstyle could be developed by including many volumes ( via backcombing).

2. Best Bun Indian Bridal Hairstyle For Medium Hair

This particular bouffant hairstyle competes very well with the conventional Indian bridal dresses and provides a much more special elegance towards the maang tikka. Provided it’s several layers, it’s additionally an ideal hairstyle for brides who want to provide a taller look. Read the hairstyle video above.

3. Best Indian Bridal Hairstyles Videos

Brides with longer hair use a wide range of options such as twisted braid, fishtail, braided updo with fresh flowers, and much more, which we have discussed below. Even so, if you are intending for a bun hairstyle, you should check out this video. The actual hairdresser explains it as a pyramid or even a stairs bun hairstyle that sets at the center of the head. The zone gives it a smoother appearance as well.

Other choices You Can Check out Inside Bun Hairstyle for your smooth hair:

4. Coiffure Bridal Bun By Bellas Secret Academy

It is some of those Indian bridal hairstyle videos displaying what sort of haute coiffure bun is created simply with a hair doughnut and much (and we imply a lot) of hairspray. The bridal bun is among the most traditional hairstyles for wedding ceremonies in the last years. End having a Mohawk design side-puff in the front.

5. AK Makeup Rope-Braided Side Bun

We like this stylish braided part bun, and it’ll look great on Western and Indian wear. You will require:

1. Gel to produce handles within the root areas.

2. Nimble fingers to create the sensitive and neat braids.

3. Top-quality bobby pins—don’t open them up! They are not because efficient when exposed.

It might be for a traditional braided bridal hairstyle. However, it can function perfectly for you based on style and clothing, etc.

6. An ideal Low Bun By Luxy Hair

An additional Indian wedding tradition—we’ve viewed our mothers and grandmoms’ wear and may provide a bun, and it’s still styling all of these many years later. Here are ways to wear it, too, with a 2024 update. It’s ideal for when you have inadequate volume and still have day-old hair, what you will require: An exercise brush, bobby pins, a red tail comb, an elastic band, and a donut-shaped hair chignon. It truly is a three-step procedure!