How To Wear Half Saree In Different Styles As Like Lehenga 2023


Wearing the Lehenga saree style has always been in pattern for a long period right now, however this year in 2023 the styles have just additional much more fashion and blend skills to say intelligent saree draping expertise to obtain a brand-new look for a half saree or lehenga saree.

how to wear half saree in different styles

Nowadays we now have look a lot of types of lehenga saree styles and half saree styles and today is the time in which the mixture of both has been combined, just wear a saree just like a half saree along with lehenga or wear saree just like a lehenga.

We are done a few Saree draping guides on the Half saree styles and we’ll include them down as well. Therefore follow a few of the types of a half saree along with step by step tutorial under.

how to wear a half saree to look slim

How you can wear a Half Saree similar to a Lehenga Saree – 7 Techniques

Half Saree Style Having A Lehenga – Pattern-1

The initial appearance is one that has been happening styling having Celebrities as well right now. We initial do the saree draping style of Half saree along with Lehenga online and we experienced lots of people criticizing the look, great only we have seen celebrities in addition become interested in this fashionable look and also have pinned it. To ensure that just means, all of us did develop a very helpful Half saree draping appearance.


Add Video to view how this style do we used.

Half Saree Style – Saree Similar To A Lehenga – Pattern-2

Another design is how you can wear a Saree just like a Lehenga. Also this is the Half saree because you are wearing the saree such as lehenga and indicates two parts of it.


  • Cover saree on the petticoat, through beginning with the essential tuck on directly to wrap once about.
  • Right now through the right begin creating small pleats of 2 inches faced on side and stick in waist line.
  • Maintain creating pleats on the lengthwise part and tucking ahead every time you pleat.
    Do that unless you achieve the pallu and also fold it, tuck inwards along with tuck in proper side
  • This specific completes the entire saree and you created a Lehenga out in the saree. Make use of a complementing Dupatta to style the appearance lehenga a Lehenga choli.

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Half Saree Style In Lehenga Choli Appearance – Pattern-3

This design is the edition of a half lehenga saree, wherever once again you will need only a saree to obtain the look and never a Lehenga.

how to wear half saree in south indian style

  • Begin draping the saree from directly to remaining in one cover about and stop on right side.
  • Make saree and create small pleats once again similar to the one above.
  • But do not create pleats on the back, simply stop upon left side as well as from in which the pallu border begins from,
  • Make pallu about from back to front and also chuck it out right shoulder in open style or even pleat upward and then toss it over the perfect shoulder to front.

Half Saree Lehenga Saree – Pattern-4

This really is an additional Lehenga Saree version through Pattern 3, however has a various appear. This certain look will imitate a Lehenga and Dupatta used such as a saree. This specific style has endured for long and most wore the lehenga choli in this design, but here is how can get it done just by one saree.


    • Do the identical to the top design, however stop pleats in left as well as get an about a foot of material, fold it out in a indirect alignment as well as tuck more than top waistline in the pleated tucks.
    • After that drape the rest of the saree that is pallu, through back to front, create pleats for the shoulder.
    • Ornament the on the front bodice left shoulder and also safe with a pin.

To view How one can wear all the 3 varieties provided above (Style 2, 3 and 4) Watch the Video Tutorial through us Under.

Half Saree With Lehenga – Pattern-5

Once again this design is the Half Saree style that has eliminated greatly stylish on the saree hanging topic. With this design, you will require a lehenga, choli and also a saree to compare the style of Half Saree.


  • Wear the lehenga and begin creating pleats around the Pallu area very first, complete as well as ornament on the left shoulder.
  • After that make pleats from remaining in order to right part across front bodice nicely as well as tuck the lining border approximately within your right side waist.
  • Make other end of the saree, that is the lining part end as well as bring it in the front from the left side.
  • Create related to Pleats within the width sensible area for this, as well as tuck this for your centre waist. Take out the same side as well as ornament through centre until left-hand side waist and stick in neatly.
  • This may provide you with the upside down V form in front of the lehenga using the ornament. Right now come to the rear you choose to a cycle from the saree.
  • Take the side through the left side and create pleats. Multiply the pleats in step by step look into the back again waist and tuck within waist.
  • Wear a Kammar bandh or even waist belt chain more than your own saree to obtain the total look

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Here’s yet another way of wearing the actual drape, with no step by step pleats nestled in the back and you can easily take action. Watch the Video here to check out the actual draping style of Half saree.

Half Saree Style Having Lehenga And Dupatta – Pattern 6

You can now wear the Half saree appear with a Lehenga as well as Dupatta, similar to the old times and also the same manner we know how you can ornament this, obtaining the triangular form ornament in front. However here’s ways to get it having a different pallu appear for a more contemporary look.


  • You will require the actual lehenga and dupatta within the exact same color, they may be produced in the same material or you can an alternative material in flowy kinds just like a satin lehenga as well as georgette dupatta or even net.
  • Ornament the end from the dupatta, through the corner within the center waist line, tuck this within as well as secure this having a safety pin. Right now take the opposite end as well as take it around through left to front side to right.
  • Ornament the dupatta best boundary side neatly about your waist till the center as well as make use of a safety pin to safe it generally there.
  • Select the pallu end from the open dupatta and create small pleats. Ornament all of them on the left hand side shoulder and make use of a pin to mend them.
  • Utilize much more pins to maintain the actual pleats to remain with each other in a stack until the waist level.
  • That is how you can wear the Half saree with Dupatta in a Innovative Design.

Half Saree Style Along With 2 Saree Pallu – Pattern 7

This is something we found and works for displaying a glance which fits style shoots or even fashion displays, however you may want to give it a try in case you are comfortable. You may use Silk saree and even light weights sarees.


  • You may use to drape it over a lehenga similar to the style above, or even suggested to accomplish neatly on the petticoat were the actual lehenga or even petticoat will not display from the steps we clarify beneath.
  • Starting hanging the first saree just like a regular saree till the low drape pleats after which visit pleats on the waist.
  • Arrived at the pallu, create pleats and ornament them more than through tailgate to cab on the correct shoulder like a Gujarati Saree drape or even Sidhha Pallu Saree Design. Make use of a pin to secure all of them over your shoulder.
  • Right now make other saree and create pleats through inner end, the actual pleats will certainly encounter right side. So the leftover saree will come on the top of pleats through the right side. Tuck these in middle waistline. Make use of a pin to safe them here.
  • Make pallu and drape through right to left side and create pallu pleats. Adorn them on the left hand side as showed, and secure all of them at periods with pins to maintain the actual piled. You are able to stick the saree reduce loop in case any kind of at the back, within a neat look into the back waist.

We now have given you a lot of styles to wear a Half saree having a Lehenga and obtain the perfect choose a Modern look. Let us know that appear was your own Preferred and that you would like to try.