5 Common Eye Makeup Mistakes and Beauty Blunder


There are some very common eye makeup mistakes that can spoil your whole beauty. Discover them without further delay to no longer reproduce them.common-eye-makeup-mistakes-&-tips

Eye makeup is a precious ally to enhance our look and camouflage our small imperfections such as spots, wrinkles, or dark circles: a great asset to feel beautiful and confident. However, some common mistakes can spoil the result of our beauty.

Here Are Some Common Eye Makeup Mistakes And How To Avoid Them:

1. Eye Makeup Mistakes: Choosing an Unsuitable Concealer

Concealer is an essential that can damn beautify us, or conversely, spoil all our makeup. The most common eye makeup mistake about this “must-have” is: choosing a shade that is too light or too dark. By trying too hard to camouflage their signs of fatigue and to awaken their gaze, some women tend to think that it is better to opt for a much lighter shade than their natural complexion. Mistake! Be careful not to confuse the concealer with the illuminator (which is used to bring a touch of light, and not to camouflage dark circles).


So be sure to choose a shade of concealer suitable for your basic complexion and your type of dark circles, to avoid the undesirable grayish effect. Same advice for those who tend to opt for a concealer that is too dark: we forget this annoying habit and we opt more for a concealer in beige / pink tones for a bluish circle or a beige/orange concealer for a rather brown ring.

2. Eye Makeup Mistakes: Eyeshadow Too Marked

Nothing better than a nice gradient of colors on your eyelids to bring a touch of vitamins to your makeup, is not it? But on condition of doing it well and above all, of blending the colors well! We, therefore, avoid at all costs the “marked” unhealthy and aging effect by blurring his eye shadows well with each other (with a blending brush), especially if we appreciate the color gradients.


3. Eye Makeup Mistakes: The Wrong Choice of Colors

We mentioned it previously: it is important to blur the eye shadows well, but it is all the more important to be judicious when choosing the colors that we apply. For this, it is important to take into account the color of his eyes. The color wheel will now be your precious ally to choose the color that will enhance your look more: you just have to choose the color opposite to that of your eyes.


Example: if you have blue eyes, your opposite colors are orange and yellow. It’s therefore in your best interest to bet on eye shadows in orange, golden, copper, or brown tones. If your eyes are green, prefer warm colors such as burgundy, copper, brown, taupe, or brown colors. Finally, if you have brown, black, or gray eyes: lucky, you have a wide range of choices, since all the colors will suit you.

4. Eye Makeup Mistakes: Curling Your Eyelashes at the Wrong Time

Curling your eyelashes is good, but at the right time, it’s even better! We, therefore, avoid at all costs bending them after applying mascara, at the risk of seriously weakening them, or even tearing them off.



It is much more judicious to curl them once your eye makeup is (almost) finished: that is to say after the application of your favorite eye shadows, kohl, eyeliner … Then, we pass a few layers of our favorite mascara: and voila! Doe look assured.

5. Eye Makeup Mistakes: Ignore the Shape of His Eyes

Taking into account the shape of your eyes when making up your eyes is an essential detail. If your eyes are almond-shaped, do not hesitate to add depth by applying, for example, a brown eyeshadow at the level of the crease of your eyelid. You can also make a line of eyeliner close to the lashes to stretch your eyes.


If you have round or “drooping” eyes, the same advice: a nice line of eyeliner will complete the beauty of your look. Finally, if your eyes are “sunken”, bet on color schemes (from light eyeshadow in the inner corner to darker eyeshadow in the outer corner) to add dimension to your eyes. The eyeliner will also be your best ally to broaden and enhance your look.