Latest Churidar Neck Designs & Pattern 2023 for Women


Churidar has become the most advanced and stylish types of Salwar Kameez. However can you just what brings much better impact to it? The Neck designs. The Neck designs of Churidar is a ideal mixture of style, elegance and excellent delicacy.


Your most valuable and vibrant churidar is almost nothing without the related neck design. The designs contain embroidery, adornment and also a few various prints. Selecting the best type of churidar is needed because everybody features a various shapes, and the most severe churidar forces you to look strange. So select smartly. Here is a collection of latest Churidar neck designs which will allow you to appear more Fashionable:

1. Stylish Shirt Collar Neck Design For Churidar:

These kinds of Churidar are among the most cherished designs. It appears attractive and girly.


It appears great in regards with 3/4th sleeves or foldable sleeves. It suits the most on a woman having a longer neck. A normal woman should prevent it.

2. Latest Mandarin Collar Churidar Neck Design for churidar:

These kinds of collar neck designs are seen in several different styles. It is extremely well-known these days.


This kind of neckline suits greatest on A-line, Apple cut and also asymmetrical kurtas. It appears excellent with all of the sleeve styles. A normal woman can select it. You can select this kurta along with buttoned style.

3. Impression Netty Neckline for Churidar:

It really is among the graceful churidar necklines which have acquired a lot of reputation. It gives a contemporary look.


This kind of churidar should be combined using fitted trousers or leggings. Provides a delightful look. These churidars appear ideal on any kind of body type. Provides an impression of jewelry.

4. Classy Boat Neck design for Churidar:

Boat Neck design is the most stylish style. It looks elegant and features the neck of a woman.


You can even call this neckline an oblong neckline design. This specific suits one of the most on the women with smaller-sized busts and waist size. The actual women along with a heavier bust can provide it a try, keep in mind to go for heavy fabric and designs.

5. Jewel Style Churidar Neck Design:

Because the name indicates, the Jewel-style neck design provides an impression of jewellery. This is a distinctive as well as captivating style of neck design. It will eventually put in a shine to your look.

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In no way wear the neck piece with these kinds of churidars as it can make you look weird.
These types of styles are excellent on the curvy and busty women. Furthermore, other females can also do it now.

6. Chic Raglan Churidar Neck Designs:

Raglan neck design provides a contemporary vibe to the churidar. Try on some it in a cocktail party or get together.


These types of neck styles assist in featuring your shoulders. A broad-shouldered woman can be for it. Get the vibrant colour mixtures of this suit as it will emphasize your neckline. This particular neck design suits the very best within the slim women.

7. Heavy Square Churidar Neck designs:

A square neck design is simple and easy most loved necklines. It illustrates the neckline in a ideal approach.


This neck design creates your shoulder appears broader. You can try the various varieties square necklines and leave everybody falls into love with your dress. A appears excellent on a woman with a smaller sized bust or a pear-shaped woman. It is stated that a woman along with heavy bust should prevent this, but at last, it is your option that what you need to wear. Mix it having a net dupatta.

8. Portrait Churidar Neckline Designs:

If you value the illusionary style then you should choose a portrait neckline. It is going to emphasize your collar bone and feature your neck.


This is a kind of deep neckline however doesn’t provide an impact of it. A woman using the broad-shoulder must not go for it. Often a skinny woman will never able to make it completely, so be sure to get it within a ideal fitting.

9. Details Churidar Neck design :

A Scoop Neck design provides an impression of oblong form. It helps for making your neck longer.


All these necklines can make your shoulder appears broader. It must be prevented by a heavy busted woman since it will certainly emphasize your bosom in a strange way. This helps within highlighting the actual shoulder bone tissue. If you wish to accessorise after that it choose the choker necklaces.

10. Lover Neck design for Churidar:

None other style can substitute a sweetheart neck design. It really is present in many fabric choices and designs.


Like a push-up bra beneath it. Simply take attention whenever you bend a lot of. Or even certain about this neckline then possibly wear some necklaces by using it or prevent these churidars. Have your dupatta on the side or like a choker. Keep the makeup easy and simple.

11. Jacket Type Neck Design for Churidar:

These kind of necklines include a royal turn to your own churidar. You will adore its convenience and beauty.


Don’t wear jewellery using these kinds of churidars. As well, prevent wearing a dupatta. Should you still need to handle it then pin up on your often shoulder.It suits all women.

12. Traditional V-Neckline Design for Churidar:

These kinds of churidars are perfect the winter season. It appears effective and flatters lots of figures. It will eventually add a bohemian vibe.

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Prevent wearing a neck-piece from it as it will not be apparent. Go for the easy sleeves, simply because some other styles will never suit it.

13. U-Neckline Design for Churidar:

Don’t mistake oneself involving U-neck, round neck and details neck, because 3 are different. This kind of neck design is anything between other two.


The simple and popular choice. These neck designs are excellent on the busty woman since it will show some cleavage. Prevent having a much deeper design.This particular style cannot walk out fashion.

14. Smart Crew Neck Design for Churidar:

These neck designs are recognized for their circular and close-neck design. It provides course to the whole look.


They are extremely popular and they are either full sleeved or sleeveless. It suits the very best on busty and plus-sized women.

15. Peter Pan Neck Pattern for Churidar:

Peter Pan collar kind is a new design of churidars. It provides a formal and extremely effect.


Puff sleeves enhance this neckline in the easiest way. It appears excellent on all the body forms. Choose such necklines within brocade as well as jacquard cloth through adding a traditional turn to your churidar.

If you dont prefer to illustrate you’re a lot of skin, select Peter Pan Neck design.