12 Top Back Hand Mehndi Designs That You Must Try


If you imagine the idea of ‘Mehndi’ the very first impression that reaches mind is of the sophisticated design created on the hands. The back hand Mehndi is quite often overlooked. Many people stay with traditional designs which are simple to create and have fewer hours. Even so, if you choose cautiously, your back hand mehndi designs could boost the beauty your Mehendi significantly. We are found some distinctive back hand Mehndi designs that you have motivated through. Checklist contains unique types and varieties of designs which are utilized in back hand Mehndi. While not more ado, lets go directly into the topic.


1. Stylish Jewelry Back Hand Mehndi Design

All of us are acquainted with the present beloved of mehndi artists, the jewelry Mehndi design. These kinds of designs are the best choice for the backhand. We now have selected two beautiful designs, one easy and also the some other modern. The easy design is influenced through the well-known women’s jewelry product worn mostly by Pakistani and Indian women.


2. Classy Mandala Back Hand Mehndi Design

Mandala Mehndi design has become the earliest traditional designs which are even now famous these days. Could design may be used for both front and backhand, it appears huge much better on the backhand, The region round the Mandala in the middle of a hands is kept empty to create it much more visible. If you wish you can complete this location with a design or include it along with Mehndi. This design will appear wonderful in either case.


3. Stunning Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

In India, you’re not a proper bride unless your hands and feet and often other areas totally included in Mehndi. The backhand Mehndi for a bride might, obviously, become more sophisticated and complex than any other designs. Even so, a few brides may choose to maintain it easy. We have one easy and one somewhat outrageous design for you.


4. Beautiful Floral Back Hand Mehndi Design

Flowers represent elegance in the Indian tradition. That could be the key reason why Indian Mehndi artists are enthusiastic about flower motifs. Through lotus petals in order to lilies in order to simply leaves and vines, these types of designs have every thing associated with flowers that you could think about. The design under is simple to produce and fantastic to check out.

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5. Attractive Peacock Back Hand Mehndi Design

The peacock signifies royals in Indian tradition. This motif is generally integrated in back hand Mehndi designs as well as other patterns. It is thought that the peacock provides best of luck which explains why we come across a great deal of joyful and bridal Mehndi patterns choosing this motif somehow or some other. The design in the image over is specifically made for the back of the hand. You are able to extend the design to your elbow for an much more sophisticated design.


6. Outstanding Criss-Cross Back Hand Mehndi Design

We now have currently viewed the criss-cross Mehndi design in hand Mehndi designs. This design appears much more attractive when created on the back of the hand. You could choose a design which fully covers your hand or a half hand design.


7. Mind Blowing Rajasthani Back Hand Mehndi Designs

What defines Rajasthan’s Mehendi culture distinctive is throughout weddings, Mehendi is placed on the hands and feet of both bride and the groom. The designs are sophisticated and comprehensive. This pertains to Back Hand Mehndi Designs also. Look into the design inside above picture for a stunning design that includes jewelry designs with floral motifs.


8. Amazing Arabic Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Our collection will be imperfect devoid of the reference to Arabic Mehndi. These Mehndi designs have influenced artists worldwide. Although they might be more time taking in and hard to perfect, the outcome will be worth all of the difficulties.


9. Outstanding Customized Back Hand Mehndi Design

Using the transforming times, a lot more women are getting for customized Mehendi designs. Adding style to your Mehndi means including specifics and designs that you could connect with. Such as, this design has a symbol to each hand that describes the love that this bride and groom talk about. Also you can choose your selected quote or just your name to customize your back hand Mehndi.

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10. Fantastic Eid Mehndi Designs Eid Back Hand

Many Mehndi styles are specifically best for celebrations. For example, Eid is among the celebrations when women use Mehndi. Through the years Eid Mehendi designs grew to become another category. Our choose is an easy but interesting design which will choose a hands the style of excellence. This back hand Mehndi design requires hardly any time to make but must be used with excellence.


11. Incredible Moroccan Back Hand Mehndi Design

You will be amazed to discover that Mehndi or ‘Henna tattoo’ currently known as is a massive pattern in Africa. Moroccan Henna artists created their own distinctive designs and styles within the last couple of years. Folks from worldwide keep on being dazzled by the excellence using these designs mix ethnic and contemporary motifs. Here is one particular design that you should take a look at. The second image is a Moroccan bridal Henna pattern for the back hand. It appears different then the traditional designs which you view on Indian brides. They include the hand just about fully.


12. Awesome Kids’ Back Hand Mehndi Design

It’s easy to have cute mehndi designs for your kids to display. The back hand designs in kid’s Mehndi are also more standard compared to front hand mehndi designs. Often, an animal or bird, a butterflies, for example, is made from some small information added every now and then. From nice and simple, to complex and a image, there are many approaches to find motivation.


The hard component is going to be selecting only one. We have attempted to include designs from each and every group with this list. You could discover additional to check out the most popular Mehndi designers in India and Pakistan for further thoughts. Why stay with traditional designs when you might create a blend of traditional and modern designs as per your preference.

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